The main result of morFeus is the list of putative orthologs. You can see a typical hitlist below:

The hitlist contains information on the protein itself and via the RefSeq ID, you can link out to the NCBI entry of the protein. The Network Score and E-value give the network connectivty and statistical significance of the hit, respectively. The lower the E-value, the more similar the sequences; the higher the Network Score (ranges from 0-1), the more highly connected the hit is with the other candidates in the orthology network.

In the close-up shown below, you can see where the different links lead to and which information can be accessed from the list of orthologs.

The second part of a morFeus results is the network. We have implemented it using d3.js to allow users to navigate it and to provide high-end visualization. You can change the color and size of the nodes according to the Network Score and the E-value.

In the close-up shown below, you can see a typical network of orthologs created by morFeus.